Lockable Notice Boards

With a diverse range of high quality lockable notice boards to choose from, Greenbarnes can provide a product to match any budget or requirements. Whether you are looking for a hardwood lockable notice board, a board in man-made timber, a durable aluminium notice board or a lockable notice board designed for internal use, we can deliver exactly what you need for use in any environment. Take a closer look at our product categories now to see the lockable notice boards we have to offer.

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Our hardwood notice boards are ideal for situations such as rural villages, market towns churchyards etc., where a traditional appearance is of paramount importance. However, unlike boards built by the local carpenter, when you buy one of our boards, you are buying a product, the detailing of which has been tried and tested over a period of years to giving the benefits of a traditional look but without drawbacks of the traditional problems. A wide range of sizes formats and options are available.
Hardwood Notice Boards

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Our recently expanded portfolio of aluminium notice boards, display and poster cases is designed to cover all your requirements from the humble snap frame through to the latest edge-lit LED poster cases. Between these extremes, our Budget, A-Min, A-Select, A-Max and DG ranges provide a huge variety of sizes, styles, features and specifications. An equally extensive range of options and accessories ensures that, whatever your requirement, you’ll find something here to meet it.
Aluminium Notice Boards

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Man-made Timber

When you need a traditional appearance but not the maintenance work that goes with it, our Man-made Timber notice boards provide the solution. These boards are manufactured from a recycled plastic material which has the appearance of timber, but does not shrink, rot ,warp or crack. First manufactured in 1994, long before the advent of current recycling initiatives, these boards have proved themselves to be both a reliable and popular alternative to more traditional materials.
Man-made Timber Notice Boards

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Our aluminium and hardwood internal notice boards are designed to address two very different segments of the market. In a world where the maxim, “you get what you pay for” is particularly apt, our AB and AF aluminium boards offer a balance of quality versus price designed to appeal to the majority of users. Our bespoke hardwood notice board service is precisely that; a service for architects, specifiers and facilities managers in search of something manufactured to their own requirements.
Internal Noticeboards