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Colour Compatibility Across Materials

Powder-Coating Ral No / Colour Vinyl Ref Opaque Wood stain Sikkens ref: Enamel (engraved letters)
RAL 1014 Ivory AS11 F6 15 75 116L
RAL 1023 Signal Yellow AS10 F6 70 70 132-L
RAL 1036 Pearl Gold AS13 Gold 109L(M)
RAL 2008 Bright Red Orange AS09 D5 63 53 124-L
RAL 3004 Purple Red AS07 B6 45 15 108-L
RAL 3020 Traffic Red AS08 C4 75 30 102-L
RAL 5002 Ultramarine Blue AS03 V0 47 19 155-L
RAL 5005 Signal Blue AS02 T2 47 24 152-L
RAL 5012 Light Blue AS01 S4 43 46 153-L
RAL 6005 Moss Green AS05 L0 35 20 148-L
RAL 6029 Mint Green AS04 L5 63 33 143-L
RAL 7042 Traffic Grey A AS16 ON 00 55 195-L
RAL 8017 Chocolate Brown AS15 D2 15 15 115-L
RAL 9005 Jet Black AS12 Black 199-L
RAL 9006 White Aluminium AS14 ON 00 63 193-L(M)
RAL 9016 Traffic White AS06 White 103-L

Combinations indicated in RED represent the best available matches across all finishes, i.e. powder-coating, vinyl, woodstain and enamel and, as such, in some instances offer a compromise. Where only two finishes are to be matched, i.e vinyl and woodstain only, codes printed in red indicate that a better match may be possible. Please ask us for details.