6 x A4 Man-made Timber noticeboard, unglazed (Ref: P6A4PU)

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Single-bay, 6 x A4, Man-made Timber, external noticeboard, portrait format, unglazed. Can be wall, post or railing-mounted. Overall dimensions 627mm wide x 1057mm high (without header). Display dimensions 522mm wide x 1057mm high. Display capacity 6 x A4 sheets in portrait orientation.

Public noticeboard for the town council, church sign or interpretation panel for a nature reserve – these are just some of the possible uses that this Man-made Timber board could be put to by specifying the appropriate options. To find out more and design your own board, click “Buy” and follow the easy stage-by-stage process.

With a proven track record now in excess of 20 years and offering a genuine, low-maintenance alternative to traditional timber notice boards, the extensive Greenbarnes range of Man-made Timber noticeboards combines the benefits of modern materials with tried and tested detailing. Manufactured largely from recycled plastics, these boards have a convincing timber appearance but require none of the regular maintenance that is required by timber equivalents.

Standard specification includes:

  • Man-made Timber (recycled plastic) frames and ABS back panels
  • Dark brown textured finish with the appearance of wood
  • 4mm polycarbonate glazing
  • Integral weatherseal and ventilation
  • Stainless steel piano hinges
  • Lockable (glazed bays)
  • Self-healing rubber pinboard

Each Man-made Timber noticeboard is hand-built by our skilled craftsmen to the same exacting standards that apply to our oak boards and with purchase costs now similar to equivalent oak boards in the majority of cases and the lack of ongoing maintenance costs, these boards have become increasingly appealing to those with an eye to the “whole-life” cost of ownership. Modular construction also ensures that, in the event of damage such as impact by vehicles, it is possible to replace individual components rather than the whole board.

Options include:

  • Choice of 5 alternative display materials
  • Glazed bays can be supplied with latch for public access
  • Choice of lettering styles
  • Available for wall, post or railing-mounting
  • LED lighting (glazed bays only)
  • Dedication plate
External Noticeboards montage including examples of oak, maintanence-free Man-made Timber (recycled plastic) and aluminium boards

Standard Specifications

Available sizes
Single-bay 3 x A4 – 3-bay 9 x A4
Configuration Single-sided landscape or portrait, 1,2 and 3-bay
Frame and doors Man-made Timber (recycled plastic), each bay individually framed
Finish Man-made Timber is a dark brown material with a textured finish resembling woodgrain
Glazing 4mm polycarbonate sheet with anti-UV coating
Back panels 6mm ABS, black
Display surface Glazed and unglazed – 6mm thick self-healing rubber pinboard, light grey
Mounting Wall, post or railing-mounted
Hinges & locking Stainless steel piano hinges

Simple, robust lock with square shank “easy-grip” key

Weather resistance Integral weatherseal

Integral ventilation to minimise condensation

Warranty 5 years

Noticeboard Options

Alternative display surfaces Magnetic (glazed bays only)
Signwritten panel
Digitally printed graphic/map panel
GRP encapsulated graphic/map panel
Alternative access arrangements Alternative lock with triangular shank “easy-grip” key
“T” Handle – turns standard lock into latch for public access

Header Options

Headers Straight 95mm high with scolloped ends
Header finish Natural or choice of colours (applied vinyl)
Lettering for headers Computer-cut vinyl letters
Plain engraved lettering*
Engraved lettering with coloured fill*
Logos Single-colour (Computer-cut vinyl) or full-colour digitally-printed logo, from client’s artwork

* Not available with coloured headers.

Mounting Options

Available mounting methods
Post kits – 2 or 3 posts, 80 or 100mm square depending upon board
Railing kit
Post-fixing kit (for fixing to customer’s own posts)


Lighting LED lighting kit (Glazed bays only)
Commemoration Brass dedication plate 75 x 40mm with up to 50 engraved characters
Access Additional keys
Magnets Magnetic pins and discs for use with magnetic back panels


MmT Texture swatch

The Man-made Timber used in the construction of these boards is a self-coloured dark brown material with a slight grained texture. The material used for the posts is of a different composition and has a black finish.

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Man-made Timber Noticeboard Product Information

Prices & specifications for the entire Man-made Timber noticeboard range.

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Our Top 10 best-selling Man-made Timber noticeboards

Prices & specifications for our best-selling Man-made Timber noticeboards.

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Installation/maintenance instructions for Man-made Timber noticeboards

Installation & maintenance instructions for Man-made Timber noticeboards

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Artwork requirements for logos, interpretation panels etc.

All you need to know about preparing artwork.


All our Man-made Timber noticeboards are made to order. Orders may be placed directly online by completing details of the required specification, by phone on 01280 701093, by email to sales@greenbarnes.co.uk or in writing to Greenbarnes Ltd, Unit 7 Barrington Court, Ward Road, Buckingham Road Industrial Estate, Brackley, Northamptonshire, NN13 7LE. If you need us to quote your order number in correspondence or on the invoice, please be sure to include this when ordering. All orders will be acknowledged on receipt by email or (where no email address is supplied) in writing and will include an estimated date for completion.

Lead time

Lead time for production and delivery of Man-made Timber noticeboards is usually 4-6 weeks but may vary according to workload. If your order is urgent or has a specific deadline, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will do our utmost to accommodate you.

Payment terms

Local Authorities, churches, schools and registered charities: 30 days from date of invoice.
All other non-account customers: Payment in full is required with order.

Methods of payment: Credit card, electronic payment (BACS) or cheque.

BACS payments should be made to:
Greenbarnes Ltd
Sort code 23-05-80
Account no:26585244


Our preferred method of delivery will vary depending upon a number of factors including the weights of individual items in the consignment and the delivery address. The delivery method will be stated in our Order Confirmation. The usual methods of delivery for items up to 35kg and those exceeding 35kg are detailed below but please be aware that different arrangements may apply to remote areas and offshore islands. Exceptionally, if the size of an individual order or the mileage involved warrant it, we may opt to use a dedicated courier.

Orders where no single item exceeds 35kg are usually despatched via a UK nationwide courier on an overnight service, i.e. the consignment leaves us one day and you receive it on the next working day (Monday to Friday). As soon as your order is completed, we will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery day when someone will be available to receive it. All deliveries require a signature. Please note that this is NOT a timed delivery service and delivery could occur any time between 08:00 and 17:00 on the chosen day.

We appreciate that there is nothing more frustrating than having to set aside a whole day to receive a parcel, so if this is an issue, there are a number of possible work-arounds.

Firstly, it is generally possible to request a before 12:00 or before 10:30 delivery slot but this will attract an additional charge. If a timed delivery is essential please call us on 01280 701093 to place your order.

Secondly, it is sometimes possible for us to get the driver to contact you, say 30 minutes ahead of delivery, with an estimated arrival time. This is sometimes useful for deliveries to churches, village halls etc when you are close-by but not at the delivery location. It must be stressed however that there is no contractual obligation for the courier to do this and whether or not it happens will depend upon the goodwill of the driver concerned.

Thirdly, exceptionally and not recommended, it may be possible for you to nominate a “safe place” where the parcel can be left without being signed for but please be aware that in choosing this option, you assume full responsibility for the condition of the item as delivered as no claims for damage can be entertained for items received without a signature.

Orders where one or more items exceed 35kg are usually delivered by a specialist 2-man delivery team. As soon as your order is completed, we will contact you to let you know that it is being collected by our chosen specialist courier and shortly thereafter they will contact you directly to make final arrangements for the delivery.

What is the expected lifespan of a Man-made Timber noticeboard?

Our first Man-made Timber noticeboard was produced in April 1994. A quick trawl of our records and some educated guesses as to the exact locations at which they might have been installed certainly turns up several examples dating from 1995, so 23 years and still going strong is clearly well within the realms of possibility – and all with negligible maintenance.

What is Man-made Timber?

Man-made Timber is an extruded, recycled plastic material with the appearance of timber. It is dark brown in colour with a textured surface reminiscent of wood. The material is coloured throughout, meaning that minor chips and scratches do not show up.  If you are interested in buying a Man-made Timber noticeboard but unsure what it looks like, we are happy to provide material samples. Alternatively, to see examples of boards in your area, please consult our recent projects map and look for the yellow markers.

Which Display panel option should I choose?

For details of each option and its benefits simply choose that option from the dropdown and hover over the ? symbol that appears next to its price.

Doesn’t polycarbonate glazing deteriorate and go yellow/become opaque?

There are a number of different grades of polycarbonate sheet, some of which, the cheaper ones, certainly do degrade relatively rapidly. You have probably seen the evidence of this in the glazing used in bus shelters.  The material that we use is a more expensive, anti-UV coated, variety which should give many years of trouble-free service provided that it is not cleaned with anything abrasive or anything which contains solvents, both of which can damage the surface and lead to the material becoming opaque.

Ultimately, should damage occur or should it eventually become necessary, we can supply replacement glazing material and instructions for replacement, which is a straightforward process.

What about condensation?

Incorporated into all glazed, Man-made Timber boards are concealed vents top and bottom designed to maximise airflow and thus eliminate condensation or, in locations where this is not practical, to reduce it to a minimum.

Which way do the doors hinge?

If this is important due to the location of the board it is possible to specify this by letting us know at the time of order. Please include this information in the Special Instructions section.

Unless you tell us otherwise, doors are hinged as follows:

  • Single-bay boards – are supplied hinged randomly left or right
  • 2-bay boards – are hinged on the outer edges and lock at the centre
  • 3-bay boards – outer bays are hinged on the outer edges and lock at the centre; the centre bay may be hinged randomly left or right

What is the lifespan of digital print?

Digital print has a minimum expected lifespan of 5 years. This doesn’t mean that it will be life-expired after 5 years but that we would not expect to see any noticeable deterioration in colour within a five year period. When used in a g.r.p. encapsulated panel it creates UV fade-resistant panel capable of withstanding external conditions for more than 10 years.

Can I make minor changes to contact details, service times etc on a sign panel?

Sign panels (as opposed to digital print and encapsulated panels) have lettering applied in computer-cut vinyl. Whilst this is designed to be weather-proof and permanent, there is a technique for removing it, if you know how! This means that making minor amendments, such as a change of contact number or service times is easily accomplished. We can supply new lettering to match the original for you to apply on site without the need for the board to be returned to us.

What artwork do I need to provide for logos or graphic panels?

For detailed information on acceptable file formats for logos and guidance on generating suitable artwork for graphic panels, maps etc., please click here for our separate guide on the subject.


Are all doors lockable?

All glazed boards are supplied lockable as standard but if you want the public to be able to access the board without a key, this can be easily achieved by specifying “T” handles under the Access option for one or more bays. The standard lock can also be supplied with square or triangular inserts (again specified under Access), meaning that different key-holders can have access to different parts of a multi-bay board.

What about lighting?

LED lighting can be included in any glazed bay at the time of manufacture. LED kits comprise one power unit and a set of LEDs for each illuminated bay and must be connected by a qualified electrician.

What about installation?

Installation is designed to be as straightforward as possible and should be well within the capabilities of anyone competent at DIY. All our Man-made Timber boards are supplied with instructions and necessary fixings. We recommend that posts for post-mounted boards are concreted into the ground to a minimum depth of 600mm.

The majority of our customers either undertake installation themselves or arrange for it to be carried out by a local contractor as this generally proves to be the most cost-effective method.  We are however able to offer an installation service covering much of the UK if required. If this is of interest, please call us on 01280 701093 for details.

Can I get spare keys?

Yes, they are available from stock and can usually be posted out to you the same day.

What maintenance is needed?

Virtually none!  That is the joy of our Man-made Timber boards.

Other than a quick clean occassionally with water, detergent and a soft cloth, the only thing that we would recommend is the application of a little grease to the hinges once a year. Please note that if cleaning the board it is important to avoid using any cleaning products that may be abrasive or contain solvents, both of which may cause damage.

5-year Guarantee:

Each Greenbarnes Man-made Timber noticeboard comes with a 5-year guarantee on the quality of workmanship and materials used. We guarantee to the original purchaser that our MmT boards are free from defects in material and workmanship. “Defect” is defined as any imperfection which impairs the normal use of the board. This guarantee is expressly limited to the labour and material costs of repair within 5 years of the date of despatch and excludes the following:

1] Defects caused by the improper assembly, installation or disassembly.

2] Defects occurring after purchase as a result of lack of maintenance as prescribed in the relevant maintenance instructions, unauthorised product modification, intentional damage, misuse, abuse or negligence.

3] Cosmetic damage.

4] Labour costs incurred in returning the board to us.

Additional Notes

Consistency of finished colours
Man-made Timber uses recycled materials and therefore may be subject to minor variations in colour and grain detail from one sample to the next. The examples shown on this website are depicted as accurately as the on-screen reproduction process will allow, however appearance can vary according to lighting conditions. If this is of concern, we are always happy to supply samples of materials and finishes on request.

Product development
Greenbarnes Ltd follows a policy of continual product development and improvement. Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of this information, we reserve the right to change specifications and finishes at any time, without notice.

*Please note that colours shown are subject to the limitations of on-screen reproduction and should be used as a guide only. Due to the recycled content used in production, the appearance of Man-made Timber can vary very slightly from batch to batch. Samples are available on request.