Information and Interpretation Panels

Oak Noticeboards

Traditional church notice boards in constructed in oak but without the traditional problems

Single-bay, 4 x A4 oak noticeboard, wall-mounted with gable header and opaque red woodstain finish, St Peter's Church, Harborne
2-bay, 4 x A4 oak noticeboard with internal sign panel in left bay, St John the Evangelist Church, Pool Quay
2-bay, 4 x A4 oak noticeboard with end posts, engraved gable header and acorn finials for St Cecilia's Church, Little Hadham
3-bay, 6 x A4 oak noticeboard, portrait format with 2 glazed bay and central sign panel, St Giles Church, Bredon

Oak noticeboards built with churches in mind

Greenbarnes Oak noticeboards offer a unique combination of traditional appearance, tried and tested construction methods and creative use of modern materials, and are available in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes calculated to meet the particular needs of churches and places of worship.

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Man-made Timber Noticeboards

Church noticeboards with a the appearance of timber but none of the maintenance.

10 x A4 unglazed church notice board in recycled plastic, All Saints Church, Milton Keynes Village
2-bay, 9 x A4 Man-made Timber noticeboard with contrasting coloured header, St Mary de Haura Church, New Shoreham
3-bay, 4 x A4 maintanence-free, recycled plastic, church noticeboard with central sign panel for menston methodist Church
2-bay, 4 x A4 noticeboard in maintenance-free recycled plastic, St Cuthbert's Epscopal Church, Colinton

Say goodbye to regular maintenance with Man-made Timber

For those looking for a noticeboard of traditional appearance but without the usual need for regular maintenance that comes with the use of timber, our parallel range of maintenance-free Man-made Timber (recycled plastic) may well provide the solution.

Aluminium Noticeboards

A choice of complimentary ranges ensures that whatever your needs, we have them covered.

2-bay, 4 x A4, AF30 alminium noticeboard with silver anodised finish for Tynings Lane Church, Aldridge
8 x A4 A-Max aluminium noticeboard with a contemporary-looking grey finish for the Unitarian Meeting House, Framlingham
3-bay, A2, A-Multi aluminium noticeboard with Burgundy powder-coated finish, Trinity Methodist Church, Bury St Edmunds
A-Max aluminium noticeboard, post-mounted with bow-shaped header for Stony Stratford Methodist Church

Aluminium noticeboards in styles to suit all locations

Traditional or contemporary – whatever the aesthetic that you are aiming for, rest assured that with our diverse range of aluminium noticeboards we can cater for the full spectrum of styles and budgets.

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Poster Cases

Poster cases in wood, metal and plastic.

A3 landscape format Smallboard poster case in maintanence-free recycled plastic for Andoversford and Dowdeswell Burial Ground
A3 Saturn, powder-coated steel poster case

Ideal for displaying service times etc.

Cheaper and generally of slimmer profile than noticeboards, poster cases are ideal for those places where an individual poster is displayed or notices are changed less frequently. Our range includes cases in oak, maintenance-free Man-made timber (recycled plastic), aluminium and steel.

Church Signs

Chuch signs in wide a range of styles and materials.

Ideal for displaying permanent information

Signs are one of the most important ways in which churches can announce not only their presence but also their vitality (or in case of badly maintained signs, the lack of it). For church signs in a wide range of styles and materials contact us today on 01280 701093.

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Church Sign / Noticeboard Combinations

Ways to combine both permanent and changing information.

Sign & noticeboard combination in powder-coated aluminium for The Parish Church of St Margaret of Antioch, Edgware
Sign and noticeboard combination with decorartive finials. Digital print on powder-coated aluminium. Great Baddow United Reformed Church
Aluminium sign with oak Smallboard poster cases, Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh

Ideal for displaying permanent and changable information.

The majority of churches will have a need to display both permanent and changing information, at least in some locations. Our Sign/Noticeboard combinations are available in a wide variety of styles and can be tailored to meet your precise requirements.

Porch, Interior and A-boards

A range of boards to cover all ancillary display needs

4 x A4, oak-framed, church porch noticeboard fro St Mary's Church, Lower Heyford
8 x A4 church portch noticeboard with maintenance-free Man-made Timber frame and self-healing rubber pinboard
Bespoke, oak-framed prayer board with engraved lettering

Noticeboards and A-boards for all manner of ancillary display

Whether it is in the church porch (frequently a damp and hostile environment for noticeboards) or on the pavement outside, most churches have a need for ancillary signs and noticeboards, for which Greenbarnes Ltd offer tried and tested solutions.

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Incumbents Boards

Traditional hardwood or contemporary acrylic incumbents boards.

Gable-topped incumbents board in clear-lacquered oak for Broughton in Amounderness Parish Church
Bow-topped oak Parish Priests board for St Mary Immaculate Church, Warwick
Contemporary, clear lacquered solid oak incumbents board, St Cuthbert's Parish Church, Wembley
Memorial honours board with corbels and cornice in dark-stained solid oak.

The enduring way to commemorate past encumbents.

Whether your need is for a traditional hardwood or more contemporary board, our hand-made incumbents boards will provide the solution. Most importantly, not only can we provide the board, but we can also take care of the, sometimes onerous task of keeping it updated.

Bespoke Items

Can’t see exactly what you need?

2-bay, 4 x A4 oak noticeboard with bespoke post, header and roof for the United Reformed Church, Lymington
Oak and aluminium church sign for Holy Cross Church, Ramsbury
Lectern-style interpretation panel for St Mary's Church, Tingewick
Oak and aluminium church sign for St James's Church, Piccadily

For those occassions when standard products just won’t do.

If you can’t see exactly what you need amongst our huge range of standard products, please contact us on 01280 701093 to discuss your requirements. Illustrated above is a small selection of bespoke items that we have manufactured for clients.

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Special Projects

And now for something completely different!

Bespoke replacement watering point for St Peter's Church, Iver - recreated from drawings and dimensions taken from the original.
Book of Remembrance cabinet in clear lacquered oak
3-bay, 9 x A4 oak noticeboard with bespoke header and posts for St George's Church, Edgbaston
Oak prayer board with self-healing rubber pinboard and trays for cards, pens and pins

For those of you with a particular challenge….

Just every so often clients will present us with a new challenge – something that we are happy to take on if we are equipped to deal with it. Below are illustrated some projects which fall into this category. Enquiries can be made on 01280 701093.