Noticeboard and Signage Locations

The map below shows the approximate locations of some of our more recent work and, we hope, will help prospective customers locate examples of products in their local area. How to use the map: Each job is denoted by a colour-coded pin. There is a key at the foot of the map listing product types and their respective pin colours. Ticking the check box to the left of the key will show all jobs in the database, un-ticking the check box will hide all jobs. You can search on specific products, (i.e. hardwood notice boards only), by un-ticking the check box and then clicking on the individual item in the key.

You can zoom in and out of the map using the slider, (top left), click and drawithin the map area to re-centre the map and use the buttons, (top right) to switch between map, satellite, hybrid or terrain views. Once you have located jobs in your area, hovering over a pin will reveal the name of the client; clicking on it will show further details including the delivery postcode, a brief description, our Job Number and the approximate date of despatch. What’s on the map?: For speed of download and ease of editing we restrict the number of pins on average to just below 1000. These are edited monthly with the oldest being removed and the most recent jobs added.

The mapping is provided by Zeemaps and whilst we feel that it serves a very useful function, there are some limitations. The most noticeable of these is the small Google ad which appears in the bottom right corner. Please accept our apologies if this irritates you! Please be aware that our own data is based on the postcode to which the job was delivered and does not necessarily reflect the exact installation position. In the case of jobs for churches and parish councils it is usually possible, with a little detective work, to find the installation site. However, for jobs delivered to contractors etc, this may not always be so. Please keep this in mind if you intend to travel any distance. If in doubt, please ring us; it is possible that we may be able to advise.