Internal Noticeboards

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We will shortly be adding internal noticeboards to this website but meanwhile these are still available for purchase from our separate, Noticeboard Shop website. Brief details of each category of internal noticeboard that you will find there, and also of our “bespoke” service  are given below.

Montage of internal noticeboards including examples of unglazed and glazed lockable boards, message boards and bespoke, oak-framed internal notice board

Unglazed boards

The Unglazed boards category covers a wide variety of general purpose, internal noticeboards including framed and unframed felt-covered pinboards, Class 0 fire-resistant boards, framed cork boards and 2 ranges of “Eco” boards, constructed almost entirely from building industry bi-products. See Unglazed Internal Noticeboards >

Glazed boards

Available types of glazed, internal noticeboard include Tamper-proof, aluminium-framed, felt-covered boards, Class 1 flame-resistant boards and boards with sliding glass doors. All are lockable. See Glazed Lockable Internal Noticeboards >

Message boards

Here you will find a wide range of both whiteboards (including magnetic), and blackboards. Look out too for our extremely popular Glass Magnetic Information Boards. See Message Boards >

Bespoke boards

Occasionally a project calls for something special, which is where Greenbarnes have an advantage over other suppliers of internal noticeboards. When the need arises we are able to work with clients to manufacture something bespoke to fit their precise requirements, such as the Art Deco example shown (bottom left). If you have a project that you feel warrants that “something special” call us on 01280 701093 to discuss your requirements.