Poster Cases & Snap Frames

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Poster Cases and Snap Frames are next on the list to be added to this new website but meanwhile these are still available for purchase from our separate, Noticeboard Shop website. For brief details of our ranges of wood, metal and plastic Poster Cases, please see below.

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Oak Smallboards

Oak Smallboards offer a unique range of solid oak-framed poster cases, available in glazed and unglazed versions, portrait or landscape, with or without header panels and in sizes from A4 to A2. See Oak Smallboards >

Man-made Timber Smallboards

A direct equivalent to our Oak Smallboards, Man-made Timber Smallboards are manufactured from recycled plastic, with the appearance of timber and come in all the same variants but with the added advantage of being maintenance-free. See MmT Smallboards >

Aluminium Poster Cases

Our Budget and Slimline poster case ranges are broadly similar in scope but with slightly different specifications and aesthetics. Both have a silver anodised finish as standard and both are available in a choice of 8 sizes ranging from A4 up to 40″ x 60″. In both models, posters are retained by clips and for extra flexibility, Slimline cases can also be specified with a powder-coated finish in a choice of 8 colours. See Aluminium Poster Cases >

Steel Poster Cases

Constructed in powder-coated mild steel and equipped with stainless hinges and 2mm impact-resistant glazing, Saturn poster cases offer a robust means of displaying posters. The standard Saturn case is available in a choice of 7 sizes from ranging from A4 up to 40″ x 60″. The illuminated model adds the possibility of LED back-lit or front-lit versions whilst the Saturn Menu versions provide a header space on the door to accommodate graphics. See Steel Poster Cases >

Stainless Steel Poster Cases

Goliath stainless steel poster cases offer the ultimate in style and quality. Constructed in brushed-finish stainless steel with 2mm impact-resistant glazing they are available in 7 sizes ranging from A4 up to 40″ x 60″. The Goliath Illuminated version offers a choice of front and back-lit versions in 4 sizes. See Stainless Steel Poster Cases >

Aluminium Snap Frames

Aluminium snap frames offer one of the most economical ways to display posters indoors or outdoors and are designed to facilitate quick & easy change of content. Snap frames are available with standard access for opening by hand, or security access where an opening tool is required. See Aluminium Snap Frames >

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Poster Case prices and specifications

Prices & specifications for poster cases.